Harvest Partnership

"Mobilising Believers to make The Harvest their Business"


In 2001 a number of young men and women who had escaped the genocidic wars in Rwanda, Burundi and East Congo, returned home having been equipped through special Missions and Bible training in South Africa.  They headed home to encourage Christians in evangelism and church planting.  Ken Rout, from New Zealand, had been a guest teacher for some of them and in mid 2002, after a visit celebrating 25 years of ministry in Ghana West Africa, he visited some in DR Congo and Burundi. One man told him that in applying the CPM training in 9 months he had planted 43 new house churches.  This success created many growth and leadership problems leading to many questions to discuss.  Ken and others worked and prayed together to produce an African CPM manual for seminars was launched.  It has been constantly refined from experience over the past 14 years changing from large seminars to personal development of pastors and potential leaders until their whole congregation is involved in daily Bible reading and praying for the unsaved and meeting in ever multiplying house fellowships discipling one another and their new believers!
Harvest Partnership was established to enable "walk as Jesus taught the disciples to walk" training to spread as widely as God leads.
Harvest Partnership is an adventure with African churches to help them mobilise pew-sitters to become taught and active disciples of Jesus reaching their communities. They learn in steps toward the establishment of “a church in every block”!  The existing local church aims to have a house church in every neighbourhood for winning and discipling those who live nearby.  It continues to function as it has but the life and growth of the church becomes over taken by the home fellowships using Church Planting Movement principles.
We minister to the pastor / leaders of an existing church giving them the tools to develop a church life that gains growth and impact. Some leaders do so well and reveal a heart for their city and rural area that they become our coordinators. They train and encourage other church leaders for successful growth without “taking over” that church. The coordinators leave employment to become our full time missionaries on the field based on their experience in their home church and area..
The Harvest Partnership ministry is based on the long experience of African local churches and 40 years of missionary action in mobilising such churches. We depend on the prayer and financial support of “home country” Christians like yourself and your church. Some needs constrain us to become involved in allied projects:
The need for local language BIBLES in their thousands is present in all the countries we work in.  Christians cannot be discipled without God’s word. New believers cannot mature without the scriptures.
The forming of ANNUAL BIBLE READING CARDS, so everyone is reading the same scriptures book by book.  These are in local languages.  They are the central ingredient in transforming people and churches.
For homeless youth, orphans, and teens without schooling.  The KENSHA FOOTBALL OUTREACH was born in Coastal Kenya. They reach more than 250 young people who are encouraged that someone cares. They enjoy sport and learn the ways of Jesus. Other orphan and refugee youth needs are met, particularly for Education.
Harvest Partnership is a Faith Ministry with no resources apart from God’s supply through His people.  We are registered as a Charitable Trust in New Zealand. [CC30848].  We have a Trust Board based in Wellington, New Zealand and are members of Missions Interlink NZ, the association of NZ Mission.
We invite you to be a Partner of Harvest Partnership through your prayer and regular gifts. Emails from the field are the best way to gain fresh news.
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“Harvest Partnership Trust is a registered charity under New Zealand law and is a member of Missions Interlink New Zealand.  We are a service mission. No churches are begun under our name.  Our partners in New Zealand and elsewhere come from many different denominations. We work together with those who believe that Jesus Christ is God and is the only Saviour, that  the Bible is the only trustworthy word of God and that a good local church is one that is committed to actions of being His witnesses by life-style, compassion and gospel communication, firstly in their own mission field.    We serve as partners with the churches whose request for teaching and encouragement we respond to.  All churches planted belong to that group of churches and are under their leadership, beliefs and practises.  At present we focus on East Africa from the Coast to the Great Lakes.”
“All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age.”
— Matt 28:18-20